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Re: VFX1 emulation

Shame the VR age died out back in the 90s. I was SO SURE it was the way of the future at the time. If VR had stuck around, we`d have some really good games by now. Though I remember playing Doom and Mechwarrior 2 in VR many years ago, and it just didn`t feel right + the response time wasn`t as good …

Re: GPL Violations Detected

I`m with collector on this one. Why in the hell would you want to run an emulator within another emulator? The whole notion just seems ridiculous to me. The whole thing sounds like a weak excuse to have a bitch about something that isn`t even worth bitching about in the first place. Your more than …

Command and Conquer

Hey all My only problem with running dosbox with Command and Conquer (dos version) is inregards to unit number assigning (as in assigning x number of units to a number key by doing the ctrl+number key) as the ctrl key is used for dosbox functions (increasing cpu cycles etc etc), and so if I …

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