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removing CMOS battery

Hi, I found an IBM ValuePoint 100DX4/Tp in the trash, now I'm trying to fix it up. Among other things I want to replace the CMOS battery, but on this board it is held in place by a piece of metal, a sort of clip or something. See it on this board for example: https://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/IBM-486- …

CPU voltage question

I saw a listing for an 'embedded Pentium 266 MMX' for Socket 7 on Ebay. Now I have a socket 7 mobo, so I thought I might give it a try. The thing is, the mobo gives 2.0 volt as the lowest option for CPU core voltage, while the P266MMX needs 1.9V. Now I was wondering, would the CPU tolerate 2.0V as …

Re: international shipping on ebay

in Milliways
@ ProfessorProfessorson That's partly what I mean. The US government apparently makes it very difficult for citizens to send stuff abroad, for no good reason. Here in the Netherlands we don't have to fill out anything special to send stuff abroad. It's just as easy as domestic shipping!

international shipping on ebay

in Milliways
I was wondering why so many US sellers refuse to ship internationally. I thought about this a bit but I couldn't think of any reason. There doesn't seem to be any difference from the seller's point of view, between domestic shipping or international shipping: they wait for the buyer's money to …

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