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Re: My 3DMark01 Mega Thread

Standard Def Steve wrote: And here was the PIII score: PIII-S (1.58GHz, 150FSB, 512K L2), 2GB DDR-300 CL2, 6800GT @ 385/540: Hey, what mobo are you using? I dont seem to remember any DDR boards for P3. Are you sure its not SDRAM? Even then, I thought 512MB was the end of the line on i815?

Re: Voodoo 5 5500

Don't know the story of how he got so many. He may have bought them early on before the general public knew anything about them, in which case they would have just been junk and not worth much so he wouldn't have had to have been rich to get them. Nope, he got them all in a last couple of years; …

Re: NULL modem cable

I've transferred files at 19.2K over null modem but I haven't done it for a while and not on PC. LapLink is supposed to be parallel not serial. Are you sure you're using a LapLink cable and not another null modem? I also used to transfer files with 19,2k over a serial cable. But the last time I did …

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