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Re: What CD-ROM Drive speed to get? Quad 4x?

ATAPI 4x to 12x should be quiet, and spin up to speed fairly quickly. Personally, My money would be an on an 8X ATAPI. (CLV not CAV). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constant_linear_velocity Beware of variants, but most lower speeds are CLV. There is also a brand called TrueX or something similar, that …

Re: Desqview

Try using LOADFIX [FILENAME.EXE]. DOSBox has almost all 640 KB Convential Memory available, and some applications only expect 576 KB to be available. Failing that try installing real MS/PC DOS into DOSBox, and perhaps use QEMM if you're using Desqview.

Re: Rates Poll

I've been running the OPL at 11050, just feels smoother, maybe even slightly more stable in the games I play. [mixer] nosound=false rate=22050 blocksize=512 <--- Is there a formulae to balance block-size and prebuffer ? prebuffer=15 [sblaster] sbtype=sbpro2 sbbase=220 irq=7 dma=1 hdma=5 mixer=true …

Re: Help with dosbox on vista

Obviously enough, as Windows just passes the drive:/path/filename as a parameter to the executable being dragged onto, correct ? The issue is the getting the [temporary / per folder] dosbox.conf correct for a given game, and the audio setup. eg: If audio has not been setup [for a given game folder, …

Re: Help with dosbox on vista

I'm thinking shell extension: Right Click .exe, .com, .bat, etc Extra option in menu: " Load in DOSBox ". Have it write a DOSBOX.BAT file in the game folder, and MOUNT drive, etc as required, then have the AUTOEXEC section (or equiv code) load the BAT file from the mounted location. I'd suggest …

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