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Re: Doom Mega collection wads..

i can get to everything in the disk up till it askes where my doom 2 is at i used to know what to type back when i ran doom with dos but the ones i have a r windows from the trilogy collection so i am prolly lookin over somethin simple tho just i'm all cloudy.

Re: Dosbox 0.70 & Shadow Warrior

First i installed it ran the set up and everything then opend the dosbox changed the drive to C: then typed in SW like it says to then i will load up but while loading up it says playback failed possibly due to an invalid or conflicting IRQ.

Doom Mega collection wads..

Is it possible to play like say the Mega collection "Demon Gate" 6000 levels using DOSbox i can't seem to get it to work normaly so i was going to try this way if possible (of course this is if anyone knows what level collection i'm talkin about i dunno how popular it was 🤣)

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