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Re: Dosbox 0.75?

Where can I download the faster version of DOSBox, please? There was a talk about significantly faster new SVN x64 builds. Maybe some place hosts x64 builds of recent SVN. Emucr does not, for example, despite 64-bit Windows is common today. Since the 64 bit versions are presumably not too common at …

Re: Problematic Windows games list

in Windows
Games that use the first Unreal engine, such as Deus Ex , Unreal Tournament , and Unreal , have problems running on modern CPUs, due to those CPUs having features that the Unreal engine isn't prepared for, such as multiple cores, variable speeds on one CPU, a very high CPU speed, etc/ There's a good …

How to calibrate a new television?

in Milliways
I bought a new TV a few days back, and I thought I might calibrate it, as the image is darker and less colourful than my previous TV. In the past I've just messed about with the usual options (colour, contrast, brightness, etc) on a TV until it looked OK, but it might be interesting to actually do …

Re: Dosbox 0.75?

OK. Google finds DOSBox SVN r4338 - 2020-04-29 on http://www.emucr.com/search/label/DOSBox. Is that what you mean? Also, is there a benchmark program I can use to test the relative speed of DOSBox versions, please?

Re: Dosbox 0.75?

Tertz wrote on 2020-05-16, 20:16: Seems the next significant improvement should be x64 code of dynamic core for x64 build. It exists in current SVN and improves the speed a lot. Where can I download the faster version of DOSBox, please?

Re: Cannot get Future Shock / Skynet running without crashing. Help?

in DOS
2: Try to run the game with a 64-bit binary DosBOX. (I've had a lot of non-descript "Segmentation fault" errors if I try to use 64-bit DosBOX builds, make sure you're using a 32-bit build) That seems strange. I would have thought that the emulated 'DOS PC' that the 64-bit version of DOSBox mimics …

Re: Interesting links

There are (almost) nightly builds of the latest versions of the Build Engine ports of Duke Nukem 3D (the port is called Rednukem), Blood (the port is called NBlood), and Exhumed (the port is called PCExhumed) at: https://lerppu.net/wannabethesis/ Also there is the fantastic BuildGDX from http://m210 …

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