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Re: Mounting CUE

Thanks all, but in fact, Daemon Tools doesn't support this, and besides, I needed to know if this worked specifically in DosBox, although I kind of suspected that it didn't. Thanks anyway!

Re: Mounting CUE

Ok, thanks, but I've seen that I didn't express myself the way I wanted. What I meant was: is it possible to mount a music cue sheet in DosBox? I don't mean the BIN file. What I want is to have mp3's or whatever and a CUE file with the tracks and being able to make that work in DosBox. In other …

Mounting CUE

Hi there, I'm trying to mount a CUE file that points to a MP3 file, but DosBox keeps telling me that the file is either no iso/cue image or contains errors. I've also tried to make a BIN file with the MP3 on it and then mounting the CUE pointing to the BIN, and while it worked, I couldn't actually …

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