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Hello, it's ScudoGR time! Another front-end?!?!?! Well...yes and no..It's a dosbox frontend, and something more. I don't know if it's not right to talk in dosbox front-ends section, I hope this won't disturb anyobody of you guys! ScudoGR wants to be a global interface for pc-games, either if they …

Re: Frontends, Your thoughts and ideas?

I think that the best idea is: a link "Frontends" from the main page of dosbox, which points to a forum page where each thread is for the discussion of a single frontend. Every thread must be created by the author of the frontend, where he/she introduces the program, the features, the link to the …

Soccer kid:emmsize=0 but still recognized

It's not a problem, but is there a particular title that you want to work with first? DOTT is 95% compatible with ScummVM, so I'd say try that first. Yes,thank you,I know scummvm,but I'd like to use it also with dosbox..probably I can't use them because I tried the cvs version,not the 0.58 version, …

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