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Re: WRC2 with dgVoodoo

But, if the logo appears then the game is definitely rendered through D3D11/12. dgVoodoo cannot hook D3D9 (or any other DX version) and tag their logo to the screen, all it can do is completely replace them with its own implementation. So, I don't know why autoHDR is not applied. Maybe it has sg to …

Re: A newbie problem

Thanks for the log! Something fails with initializing D3D11 or with creating some of the related D3D11 resources. Intel GMA X3100 supports DX 10.0, so it should not be a problem. What if you explicitly select D3D11 with FL 10.0 as the output API in the config? Anyway, unfortunately dgVoodoo cannot …

Re: Regressive bugs - report them here

What is the exact error message? If the problem is just a missing d3dx9_43.dll (I doubt it) then you can download and copy that to the game folder: https://www.dll-files.com/d3dx9_43.dll.html Does this game work with an earlier version of dgVoodoo? If not, I'll move this into a separate topic.

Re: dgVodooo 2.7.x and related WIP versions (2)

I released v2.78. Compared to WIP84, basically it has some bugfixings, some further image presentation shader optimizations and now all dynamic resolution can have an additional integer scale parameter, like: max_2x, max_qhd_isf_3x. For a full changelog, see: http://dege.fw.hu/dgVoodoo2/ …

Re: dgVoodoo Splinter Cell Games

No, it's not DDraw. For movie playback, the game access the backbuffer directly by cpu, instead of drawing texture tiles or copying from an offscreen buffer. So the video memory needs to be read and then written back through a special shader which is not ideal for large resolutions like UHD or 4k. …

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