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Re: CD's required to play

It sounds like the problem was that you didn't have the hard drive (or the directory on it) and the CD drive mounted at the same time, although copying the files over instead of installing the game might have also been a problem. Anyway, did that work?

Re: 10th Anniversary

Ten years, that's a nice accomplishment. I owe this site, I think it helped me get settled on the Internet, and I know I owe more than that, I'm just not sure what. congratulations Snover et al. 😁

Re: Floppy images

Padding and adding bytes sounds like something you could maybe do with a hex editor? probably but I'm not sure if I can just slap it onto the end and figuring it out I would probably re-learn the stuff and I'm not in the mood, and anyway it just printed a line of text in green, it seems I had …

Re: Floppy images

MagicISO seems like it should do what I wanted but, well, remember the thread I made a long while back asking for assembly help? I was working on a boot loader, and I seem to have forgotten most of what little I knew of assembly and deleted NASM and my helpful little files with assembly information …

Re: Floppy images

Thanks guys but I can't seem to make an image from files with either VGACopy or Floppy Image, which is what I wanted to do, not image an existing floppy-- if there's some shortcut to making DOSBox boot differently without creating and specifying a floppy image I'd like to know about it.

Floppy images

(not that kind) What's a good utility for making them from files you have, and for editing stuff like boot sectors, and how do I boot from one in DOSBox? edit: my problem was solved and then thwarted by another problem, but if you're looking for imaging software, this is a good thread

Re: Always bet on Duke

Even if it is true, I just can't help thinking it's a bad move. I mean, Forever has become a joke in the industry, and releasing the game isn't going to suddenly make that go away. Even if it ends up being the best game ever made, it's still not going to live up to 13 years worth of hype... and I …

Re: Half-Life with USB controller

I looked at the thing I read again and that was in there, but it was relegated to one line whereas the method I tried was mentioned at least twice. thanks :happy: It also won't recognize the triggers (as an axis, as buttons, as anything) but I can use those with JoyToKey (I already tried it out, …

Half-Life with USB controller

Call me crazy if you want but I want to use the Xbox 360-style USB controller I got recently to play the original Half-Life (which I got through Steam, so I'm sure it's up to date). I thought I should Google before I asked here and long story short, I seemed to find just what I was looking for, …

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