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Beasts & Bumpkins

in Windows
Hi VOGONS, long time no post. :) I suddenly got the urge to play Beasts & Bumpkins . (I still have the original CD!) I got it to install by editing the registry. (see here ) Problem is, the color pallet gets all messed up in Windows 7, and the colors are all wrong. I also couldn't get it to work …

Re: Fallout 3 trailer is out..meh

Fallout 2 is one of my top favorite games ever. Oblivion is the perfect example of how the whole concept of RPG can go horribly, horribly wrong. Anyway, I'm planning on forming my own opinion on Fallout 3 once it's released. The trailer is damn good, very fallout2-intro-ish. (and it's in-game …

Re: Nvidia graphics card

in Windows
First thing you should do is make sure you get the latest DirectX, the latest Nvida driver, and the latest Audigy driver. Also better have the latest Intel drivers.

Re: DOSBox Icon

MiniMax - Glad you think so 😀 kekko wrote: Well, I guess that a 3D dosbox icon with shadows and traslucency would be even more Vista-alike 😀 True, I don't know though, I kind of like it now that it blends in nicely (unlike 6.1.1), yet stands out from the other icons. I think any icon needs it's …

Re: DOSBox Icon

I was thinking of making the DOSBox icon's letters in Inkscape, but found out my vector skills aren't good enough... If anyone is interested to give it a go it would be cool. I now have Windows Vista (a pre-release version), so I fixed the colors to be be more like the other Vista icons. 16x16 …

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