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Re: Antivirus software for DOS ?

F-PROT 3.16f and 2009 virus definitions, when the old F-PROT forums were online and the original author active I asked about it and he gave me these DOS definitions and he told me they were free to use. Just start the program with the .BAT file to bypass date check of definition files. http://www. …

Re: Bought these games today

in Milliways
Color copiers made it to market in the late 70's and were widely in use in even the 1980's. They weren't comnon things in my childhood and certainly not the kind of stuff you could get game manuals etc. photocopied on pocket allowance which was barely enough to get a couple pirated games every …

Re: Dreamblaster X2 Loader on Windows 98 not working

programming effects and soundbanks is not the same usage as plugging the board in a wavetable header - sure it would be convenient to do it with 9x but sadly Dream built their chip adhering to microsoft's specs for usb audio - that is why it needs no driver in newer windows. It's not a thing Serdaco …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
I play witcher3 again , finished it once when it was new but with all that witcher publicity I started it again :D it is nice because after a couple of years I totally forgot most of the stuff ... looking forward to go to DLC areas because surprisingly I remember even less about them even though …

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