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Re: Changing MPU port on CT2760 AWE32 card

I have no real experience with AWE cards but here is a couple of thoughts: a. change address via windows device manager, maybe it sticks under DOS too? at least under windows environment this setting should be respected b. for DOS use unisound, if your BLASTER variable is P300 then unisound will …

Re: Amstrad Mega PC

Today fellow user retro-enthousiast DK Shadow reached out and offered a rarity: a floppy image of the official Amstrad Diagnostic Tools for the PC6486SX, PC7286 and PC7386SX systems (last system is of importance since it's what the Mega PC is based on). This was a floppy given to technicians along …

AdLib GOLD clone is now a reality

Hiya! let me present you the latest addition to the hardware clones lineup of unobtanium things LOL https://i.imgur.com/ZanUh6F.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Sej5xhS.jpg This is a fully-fledged AdLib GOLD clone reverse engineered by JimWest from his original card. It works with the original AdLib Gold …

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