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Mount/imgmount after boot from hardfile.

in DOSBox General
I have a problem. I created a hardfile for C disk, boot from it, and it works. But I want to have access to a directory on my real drive. This won't work: IMGMOUNT 2 /media/kamil/Nowy/Emulatory/PC/DOS/DOSBOX/Harddrives/c.img -size 512,63,16,1012 -fs none mount D /media/kamil/Nowy/Emulatory/PC/DOS/ …


in PC Emulation
Ok. I can't go further. Compiled QEMU, installed Win98SE. after start I see this: D:\msys64\home\Admin\qemu\build\qemu-system-i386: WHPX: Failed to emulate MMIO access with EmulatorReturnStatus: 2 D:\msys64\home\Admin\qemu\qemu-system-i386: WHPX: Failed to exec a virtual processor And exiting. …

Re: Mounting volumes under MacOS 12 DOSBOX 0.74-3

in DOSBox General
But if I type C: after start DOSBOX (with this line), I got a message „Volume C is not mounted”. So if I put this C: into dosbox.conf, will it work? I doubt it. Under Windows I haven't put "C:". Drive C is mounted without this. And I see, this command is visible in DOSBOX window too. But under MacOS …

Mounting volumes under MacOS 12 DOSBOX 0.74-3

in DOSBox General
Well, I have a small (?) problem. I want to mount an emulated C volume in dosbox.conf because I want DOSBOX automount it during startup. But I can't. My emulated volume is located at /Users/osh/Dosbox. So I inserted Mount C /Users/osh/Dosbox -freesize 900 in dosbox.conf. under [autoexec] But after …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

in DOSBox Patches
Quick 'thank you' for this, Jon and the other contributors. Neither VirtualBox or VMPlayer would let me install Win98SE in a virtual machine on my Ryzen PC - both were rather faster but both had illegal operation / invalid page fault failures in Regsvr32 (and something else in VirtualBox) so didn't …

Joystick detection

in DOSBox General
Well. I'm playing Wing Commander III. I'm using JoyToKey to assign key combination ALT+B ("Break and attack") to joystick button. But the game can't recognize it properly, and this is game related problem, not DOSBOX. My question: I have two controllers attached and both are recognized by DOSBOX. Is …

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