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Re: Your oldest favorite computer game?

The original Karateka on Apple ][, I remember being so proud I figured out how to beat that one when I was in elementary school. Also love the original 2d Escape from Castle Wolfenstein, though I never beat that one while I was in elementary school.

Re: Favourite 1996 games?

I would actually love a real "quake 2". You and me both. My dream game would be a true Quake followup with modern real time lighting and shadowing. Aggressive monsters, mighty boom sticks, and not a single skill point, unlock, collectible, rune trial, or mastery challenge in sight. Just the player …

Re: What game are you playing now?

I love gold box SSI games and finished/played every single one of them but nothing in the world can make me go back to replay Pool of Radiance; the GUI is attrocious and it lacks a lot of ease of life improvements in later entries. If I were to restart today I would dive in with Curse of the Azure …

Re: What game are you playing now?

Taking a short break from Ultima V, which I am truly savoring! Instead, tonight I played: Pool of Radiance (PC) This is one I had for my C64 back when I was a kid. I didn't get far into it myself, but a friend of mine became obsessed with it and he spent several months of weekends at my house …

Re: What game are you playing now?

Started playing Ultima Underworld, it seems a bit challenging for somebody who is accustomed to "more traditional" RPGs :-) For what it's worth, even Ultima VI feels less clunky in comparison. One problem I have is that keyboard controls get "stuck" sometimes (e.g. I press W and my characters keeps …

Re: What game are you playing now?

At one point there was a kickstarter for a new game from the woman responsible for the Wizardry Series/ Wiz 8 which I backed, but it was taken down: Brathwaite got her start on the classic Wizardry® series of role-playing games, having worked on every award-winning game in the series, before moving …

Re: What is something you threw out that u regret

There are 3 things I regret having thrown out over the years: 1 - A Commodore 1084 Monitor 2 - Hercules Game Theater XP 3 - Random assortment of game boxes. Luckily after only getting rid of a dozen or so my girlfriend saw what i was doing and talked some sense into me and stopped me from getting …

Re: What NAS are you using ?

I just run a Synology DS214se. Does everything I need, use it for storing data and serving pictures and videos to my TV via Wifi. Running mirrored RAID also have backed up on a local drive in my main and an off-site data storage service.

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