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Re: List of Free Games

So... Just in case anyone wasn't aware yet, the copy of Half Life 2 you get via the "time limited" trial on Steam is still seemingly DRM-free. I don't know if it'll delete the files or just remove it from the launcher once the trial period is up, but there's nothing stopping you from copying it to …

Re: Lithtech game performance

Just checked out the performance of NOLF and SHOGO on 2 of my machines: Win98 Xeon 3230 w/ Radeon 9800 Pro & Win XP Xeon 5690 w/GTX 780ti. Both games run smooth at over 60FPS with no stuttering no matter what is going on onscreen. I did notice that some minor frame dropping on the XP machine …

Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

I’m not sure what would have changed to cause that. Can you give me a link to a specific post and I can look into it? Also can you please tell me which version of iOS you are running? I'm using iOS 12.4.4 on an iPad (2016) and an iPhone 6. Tapping on an attached MP3 such as in this post opens the …

Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

Feedback for the mouse cursor: I run at native 4k and use the browsers auto zoom to resize web content. I have my system cursors set to the windows large variant. On this page the cursor is tiny and very hard to find if you lose track of it.

Re: Problematic Windows games list

Incoming! Is a game that has always vexxed me. Out of the 4 machines i have capable of running it only the one with a single core athlon and a ti4200 will run it properly, the xeons in win 98 and xp that have a 9800pro and 780ti respectivley, and my i9 9990k with 2080ti windows 10, all run at about …

Re: What game are you playing now?

I think a part of the failure of the dark suns games were due to the bleakness of the setting and too singular a focus on setting and story. In addition to that engine being clunky and demanding at the time too. At least i don't remember it running very well at the time.

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