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Re: Slow tseng et4000

What are the DIP switches set to? It can vary between cards, but sometimes the DIP switches will set slower memory access via wait states for compatibility. Take a look here for an example: http://www.verycomputer.com/171_ce1703d62d4ad51a_1.htm What are the rest of your system specs? Another thing …

Re: Civilization 2 issues.

Civ 2 required WinG to be installed, a redistributable installer was included on the CD. It sounds like the pirated version you got just included the game files and nothing else. Try to track down an ISO of the game CD or a legit copy and the installer should take care of this for you. Alternatively …

Re: Installing DOS drivers on an Audigy2 ZS

Thanks for the excellent guide. I wanted to confirm that this guide also works for Windows ME. The only issue I had was Step 4.3 (Run C:\AU2\AUDIGY DOS DRIVER\Setup.exe and restart when prompted) The installer complained that Windows 95 or 98 was required. If you rename or delete the checkOS.exe …

Re: Voodoo 2 component map

Hoping someone here can help... I have two 12MB STB voodoo 2's. One is working, the other is detected in Windows device manager but all Glide games and the 3dfx demos tell me that they couldn't detect a Voodoo card. I discovered that C577 was missing off the back of the faulty one. I had a spare …

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

Ancient DOS Games Episode 284 - Transport Tycoon Deluxe is online! This week was kinda bad for me in real life so it's kinda crazy that I managed to push this video out, but it also meant I didn't have time to go back and address something which popped up while writing the script... After re- …

Re: A Goblin Hoard : My PC Big Box Collection

in Milliways
dr_st wrote on 2021-05-03, 11:29: Do you have Warcraft I in any form? Haven't seen it so far. Yeah I have one - not perfect condition though Filename 20210511_175330.jpg File size 1.35 MiB Views 1590 views Filename 20210511_175409.jpg File size 1.32 MiB Views 1590 views

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