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Suggestion - VFX1 emulation

Would it be possible to add VFX1 emulation to dosbox? Emulating the headtracking function of the VFX1 gear by substituting the mouse would allow mouse look and consequently the use of headtracking (e.g TrackIR or freetrack) in a lot of games that for reasos known only to the developers support VFX1 …

Aces of the Deep problem

first of all Dosbox is fantastic. Red Baron, Microprose' Taskforce 1942 & Rowans' Overlord work a treat (cant test anymore as my main collection is elswhere - will have to wait until I can get back to 'em) Aces of the deep results in a error - "cannot enable the a20 line, xms memory manager required …

Re: EF2000 for DOS with 3DFX patch

I've tried the pif memory settings - no go I've followed the instructions to the letter. I think there is a problem with my original voodoo card - just out of interest i tried the same voodoo card in an old 200 mhz pentium box - same corrupted graphics in RBas on my athlon. Ef2000 loads the menu …

any news?

Been playing with the settings - no go with the voodoo 3 or original vodoo 1 (managed to get a corrupt version of RB working so its not totally dead but bugger all in ef2000). So looks as if glidos is the last hope for ef2000. Any news?


I had a copy of the accelerated .exe. Pretty sure in the readme it had to be run in windows (like ef2000 and the 3dfx upgrade).

correction to list

FYI: F22 Total Air War (also f22 ADF) by DID supports D3D. Judging from screen shots though, glide looked better. Rowans's Mig Alley, Flying Corps Gold are D3D only. M1 Abrahams 2 supported both glide & D3D. I'm pretty sure that the 3d accelaeration for Flight Unlimted was for another chipset ( …

Re: EF2000 for DOS with 3DFX patch

Well been trying to get the dos based ef2000/tactcom and grfxplus updates to work with no luck so far. I can get into the menu screens fine after deleting two clump*.txt screens that I think were left over from the graphics patch updateing. Leaving those in the directory would cause an error when …

FU in win98

in DOS
It does work in win98SE with a CPU greater than 266MHz - my 1GHz athlon runs it fine. Only snag is my joystick software (logitech stick) although it works with proggies that run in a dosbox, the calibration is screwed making it unuseable. Its for that reason I'm trying to get FU to run under win2k …

Flight unlimited

in DOS
Been trying to get FU working under win2k sp2. So far no luck. Using the latest version of VMSound 2.0.4, FU's sound setup runs fine. The game refuses to run and provides no error messages, justa black screen. I'm pretty sure its a VESA problem, based on posts here at vogons, I'm lead to believe …


Super Ef2000 is the win95 ddraw only version. Tactcom was an addon for the DOS version. The 3d patch installed over that. The double pack of the original dos version and tactcom was known as ef2000 evolution. Now you know I managed to get a copy of ef2000 evolution (its pretty hard to find). If the …

On the soundcard/win2k issue

I've tested it with two soundcards under win2k (works fineunder win98SE): Soundblaster Live Value ESS Maestro 1 (Used to be called the Videologic Sonic Fury in the UK) I dont think its a soundcard issue as both have the same problems under win2k - hanging sound (e.g the startup sound repeats …

New wrapper version test

Text & map now appears. I'm getting the sound hang up only in win2k (works fine under win98SE). Any chance of getting rid of the "warning, Glide drivers out of date" message.? All in all our prayers have been answered Thankyou!


I tested it with the dll. form glidos v1.18 dl from the gliodos site - hope that was the lates version and not the freeware one?


RB3D started out as a directdraw only game that worked on any win32 system (even NT4). Sierra then produced the 3dfx version as a patch (also worked in NT4 with a 1st gen voodoo card). My apologies I shopuld have stated more clearly that I was using only the glide2x.dll. This is put straight into …

RB3D works 99%

Just discovered Glidos by chance while searching for a working wrapper for RB3D. Glidos (or am i correct in saying that its the updated versionof OpenGlide?) works 99%. Problems I've noticed so far are : resolution only goes upto 800x600. you need to reset your desktop resolution to the resoultion …

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