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Re: Munt Reloaded - Development

I threw this together a few months ago, and it decodes/descrambles the PCM roms using 32767.0 rather than 32787.0. I'm curious if the latter being 'correct' is a silicon bug in the LA32... https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0z01e4t7ov4w3h/la3 … pleparse.c?dl=1 License is GPLV2.

Re: Munt Reloaded - Development

If anyone wants to see a decap image, here you go: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/ellocl0ig0dfc9v/LA32_die_higher-res_3.jpg?dl=1 This is not perfect, but I was able to image it well enough to extract the ROM tables. These are nearly identical to the Yamaha OPL2/3 tables from https://docs.google.com/ …

Re: Note FM Tracker

Note - FM music tracker Korean program for FM Operator Type L music creation - OPL3 Tracker Used in Korean demoscene, has the ability to use true OP4 instruments and works with IMS, SOP formats Created by Lee Ho Bum (sopepos / yihobeom) 1995, 1997 Download [ Note BETA 2 ] Update 01 [ fm_player ] …

Re: YMF262 design flaw

CR1901 did something similar for the ym2151, although that trace is not complete yet. (trying to figure out how the LFO LFSR works in AM and PM mode..) See https://github.com/cr1901/ym2151-decap Any chance you can post your marked up svgs from inkscape somewhere? LN

Re: CMS/GameBlaster emulation thread

Jepael: I updated the saa1099 core in MAME to use the correct lfsr polynomial: https://github.com/mamedev/mame/commit/c11c22b3e83bdf7ac8d48f0a8e3be48ba31786f8 I also added a note about the fact that if the noise channels are set to be clocked by a tone channel, and the 0x1c bit 1 reset bit is set, …

Re: IPF support

As mentioned before, the IPF decoder library has a notoriously restrictive license. As mentioned earlier in the thread, this is why Olivier Galibert of the MESS team "black-box" reverse-engineered it as a work-around. http://git.redump.net/mame/tree/src/lib/formats/ipf_dsk.c http://git.redump.net/ …

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