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Blood and Glidos Issue....

in GliDOS General
I Install the files from this site http://www.glidos.net/blood.html?lang=en to the default directories, Yet every Time I tried to start up blood, there is a dos window which closes quickly. Does anybody know how to resolve this issue? I am on Win & 64 bit. Thanks!

Blood and Texture Filitering in a Window

Hello, I want to run Blood with texture filtering in a window (with 800 x 600) resolution, Like in the below pic http://forums.transfusion-game.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1509 Is this possible with Dosbox currently? Or can somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Re: Keymapper help

Actually I wanted it the other way. :happy: Any way, I got some weird results when I tried to follow your directions. For example, a now type ak in X-com. Could you map the remaining key for me, to save me this headache? when I press a, I want Dosbox to type left. I am doing this for those old FPS …

Keymapper help

I've read the guide on Dosbox keymapping, but I can't figure out how to map multiple keys. I am trying to map Left/Right/up/Down/ to a/d/w/s. Can somebody map these keys and attach the mapper file here? Thanks.

DosBox general midi music card problems

Hello, I have used DosBox for a over a year and it worked great. However, a few days ago, the general midi music card emulation for all my games stopped working. In the past few days, I install a windows update. I also install Jedi Knight Dark Forces II, but uninstalling that did not fix my problem. …

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