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Re: Wing Commander II Deluxe vs. Keyboard

in DOS
Perhaps it has lost track of your shift keys. Try pressing and releasing each in turn: left Shift, Alt, Ctrl, right Shift, Alt, Ctrl, CapsLock. Try holding down Shift or Ctrl while pressing one of the unusable keys. Some KVM are better than others. Some KVM + keyboard combinations work better than …

Re: Sound Blaster Live! problems

in PC Emulation
Make sure that your speakers work with another audio source and are plugged into the correct jack on the soundcard. Reset your computer's cmos and replace the battery if necessary. Uninstall, then reinstall the SBLive drivers. Remove and reseat the SBLive card in its slot. Switch slots if possible.

Re: help: setting up a real mt-32 on a DOS pc for games

Most games of that era did not support the SB16's midi out directly. They work with an MPU-401 or compatible interface only. Some versions(but not all) of the SB16 include a partial MPU-401 emulation which has to be explicitly enabled through software before starting your game. Definitely do test …

Re: Terminator Skynet problem

E8h is either a jmp or a call(it's been a while since I last looked at X86 machine code.) 90h is nop(no operation.) If I had to guess I'd say a couple of called procedures have been nopped out(skipped.) To know what goes wrong at that point you'd need to debug(or disassemble) the original code at …

Re: no sound, at all

What os are you running? Which game? What *exactly* did you type to reach this point at which you have no sound? Did you install the game from within Dosbox? Did you configure sound from within the game(or its install/config program?)

Re: atari gameshop ?

How else can they 'spam' you? As far as Airborne Ranger is concerned, I can definitely vouch for it as a good game. It's one of the first 3rd person shooters that required stealth to be successful. The Atari/Digital River distribution is a Winrar self-extractor that includes Dosbox .72 for Windows. …

Re: DOSBox 0.73 Discussion

Hey all. It's been awhile, but I see the conf file I attached in an earlier post has been looked at 23 times, so I guess some people are interested in the sound issue I have with a game. Maybe someone would actually like to take a look at the game in question to further troubleshoot. Luckily it can …

Re: Terminator Skynet problem

Could somebody please try this game (vga or svga mode, doesn't matter) on some 386 system? Mobygames specs tell that it only runs on a 486+ Ok, I rebuilt my 386 to test this. Machine specs are as follows: i80386DX-20, Cyrix 387, 10Megs of ram, Tseng ET4000AX, SB16-mcd(isa card only,) 3x 3-CD …

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