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Re: Universal Game Editor

I'm not an expert at all, just use DOSBox on occasion and probably been 3 years since I asked for help here. :) Ahh my bad, well I only guessed Dosbox used the exe in commandlines for Lol2 since it was able to be read by a memory editor, which doesn't seem to work with Stonekeep. I still don't …

Re: Universal Game Editor

Yes, afaik uge is a Save Editor, I mentioned trying to get either (editor or trainer) working with Stonekeep. If you know how to get it working in DOSBox or a link to info, please link me. ;) The DOSBox I'm using with StoneKeep from GOG seems to be a little different, since game exe is not used. …

Universal Game Editor

Thanks for all the great works here at DOSBox! :cool: I'm currently playing StoneKeep and Lands of Lore 2 from GOG, they are both running great with their DOSBox packages. Is there any way to use UGE or any Editor/Trainer? As an example UGE doesn't seem to run in Win7, even trying with a DOS window …

Re: Guardians of Destiny cutscences working in XP.

in Windows
Actually it's DOS first, then I installed the XP version, it may however work the way you mention. I am guessing if you did install XP, then installed DOS before you play they drivers would still be install, hell actually you could just wait to install it in DOS when/if you run into problems. It …

Guardians of Destiny cutscences working in XP.

in Windows
Thought I would pass along how to fix the shuddering cutscenes in XP working and if nothing else to remind me next time I play. ;) I am not sure why this fixes it but I believe there are certain Codex that only get installed in DOS mode. So the solution is to before you install on XP, to do a DOS …

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