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Re: S3 Vision 968 VLB replica

Please make VLB Virge! I second this. The only Trio64V+ card for VLB that I am aware of is the STB PowerGraph 64 Video. At least one member on VOGONS has one, but like you said it's possible that it's just a regular Trio64 card with an IC swap. I think one other company made a VLB card with 64V+, …

Re: DTX 486 DX/33

The trick only works if I've owned the board for at least 25 years. Still, it could be a slightly different model. I know there is one fairly close that has a Weitek socket instead of a 487SX socket, but the exact name escapes me. Perhaps "FEAT-3331"? http://www.uncreativelabs.de/th99/m/C-D/33100. …

Re: DTX 486 DX/33

I doubt the CD-ROM drive or sound card were original from the factory. The mismatched drives are not presentable for retail sale. I would also guess the 3.5" drive has been replaced. It's possible all of this was done by the original owner, but we haven't seen inside yet.

Re: DTX 486 DX/33

I come from a DTK town. They were especially popular at the universities and high schools. I saw everything from XT to 486. My own DTK 486 had the 3.5" floppy drive in the vertical bay, not in an adapter (from the factory). My guess is that while they were transitioning to the baby AT cases, they …

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