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Re: Direct X problem w. Rogue squadron

in Windows
thanx! Hopefully it'll work, I test it as soon as I get home... Why did they name the dll "slayerui", btw? 😀 /Charlii Edit: Sorry, it got the game running, but it's mostly unplayable. Strange graphics bugs like the chase-camera not accelerating with the ship etc... Thanks for the help anyway!

Re: Starflight II

in DOS
I remember playing Starflight on my old Sega 16bit... Didn't even know it was a sequel. Gotta play it right away! /Charlii

X-Wing and Novastorm (not related...)

I just dug trough my collection and tried to get various games running on my new machine (Amd 2400+, integrated ac'97, win2k) I had the following problem with XWing (old dos version): It doesn't recognize my emulated EMS, and therefor won't run properly. With NovaStorm, the problems are a bit more …

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