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Re: Keyboard problems

pokey, you got, perfect! One of the keyboards listed was "MCIR 109 Keyboard". I changed it's driver to "HID Compliant device", at which point the MCIR 109 Keyboard vanished from the list, and DOSBox works fine now! This was the wireless keyboard w/USB receiver. I haven't tried this with the USB …

Re: Keyboard problems

pokey, thanks for all that info! The computer is indeed an HP, but since it looks like someone with a non-HP also has the problem I admit that throws some doubt on it being an HP issue. I'm not home right now, but figured I'd remote into the computer in question (which is at home) and play with the …

Re: Keyboard problems

I am a developer, but I am just working with the binaries in this case, no source code. My appologies if this wasn't the correct forum for this topic. The description of this forum said it was for the "discussion of bugs" as well as code and developmental matters. If there is a more appropriate …

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