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Re: Windows 95 setup guide for the 2020's

Thanks. I found the culprit for this behavior. The maximum size of the HDD, was 127GB, scandiskw needs less than 32GB to work under Windows 95. I made some tests, it runssss! But I have an issue now. I used Ontrack Disk Manager 10.46 to create the partition and now I cannot revert the total size of …

Re: Windows 95 setup guide for the 2020's

Greetings, recently I bought a Tulip Vision Line xd 6/350 and I wanted to give a try the Windows 95 installation, because when this line released in January of 1998, Tulip was using the Windows 95c version and on summer of 1998 switched to Windows 98. I have an issue, I'm using the Windows 95c CD …

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