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Re: Experimental VGA patch

An improved version has been in DOSBox source for a long time now. machine=vgaonly Really :shocked: In the Off. Release 0.74 and current svn 3636. Wish logo (and logo roatate/zoom) is not centered. I take from your code "wish_memory2.diff" and added only the missing lines from "vga.draw.cpp" (vga. …

Re: Yes i have created a Dosbox frontend too :)

Moin, Ok jungs, one of you tested the program? I know these are still bugs in the program. Private am now in version and I have since version eliminated a lot of errors and time to write to the Help file. Since my English (letter) is not very good, I look for the translators had the …

Yes have created a Dosbox frontend too :)

Post Edited :happyhappy: http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/7862/snap8vv5.th.jpg http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/3391/snap6vy0.th.jpg http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/5456/snap2cz4.th.jpg http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/5188/snap3jk7.th.jpg http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/4075/snap1ay2.th. …

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