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Re: Windows 11 has been released

Reviving this old thread with some questions, hope anybody can answer... How long will it last the "free upgrade"? My plan is wait until the last month and then upgrade my computer, so if I upgrade my computer I could get my Windows 10 license to that computer and then upgrade it to 11. Have …

Re: Interesting Steam releases of games?

in Milliways
Two new interesting releases: - Unpacking: As Kotaku said, it contains about 14000 sounds of moving objects... a great library that may be useful. - A Hat in Time: The very first release on Steam. It does not support mods nor expansions, but it can be run without Steam (without patching the game). …

Re: Is there any OpenGL limiter? If not, could anybody make one?

in Windows
It seems that what it does is similar as nvidia profile inspector. It does "cut" the length of the OpenGL extensions list, but there is no guarantee that the needed exentions will be first (and found). The good thing is that it seems that it will work with ANY video card (while nvidia profile …

Is there any OpenGL limiter? If not, could anybody make one?

in Windows
I've been trying to make X-Plane 7 on my not-so-new main rig (Ryzen 3 with Ti1050). The solution was using nvidia profile inspector to limit GL extensions, but I think that it is limited to people with nvidia cards. So I've come with thoughts about a OpenGL "limiter" that can "fake" having an older …

Re: Getting three simulators working (partially solved)

in Windows
Another game solved: X-Plane 7: Crashes because modern cards lists too many GL extensions. My changes: - I've used nvidia profile inspector to create a new profile because it already has a X-Plane profile. - I've set "Limit extensions" at the same level as Quake 2 and 3, but maybe other settings …

Re: Getting three simulators working

in Windows
Well, I haven't had much time to play with this, but... Flight Simulator 2000: I've run it through Process Monitor, still no hints about what it is looking for / complaining about. I've got to look at the installation log, to pinpoint any registry key or windows component missing. In the worst case, …

Re: Getting three simulators working

in Windows
F-22 Total Air War is working now: - It needs to be installed on a path without spaces (and without non-ASCII characters, I guess). - It has to be run WITHOUT any compatibility settings (!). Putting it on Windows 98 compatibility or any folder with strange characters will lead to non working menu ( …

Getting three simulators working (partially solved)

in Windows
So I'm trying to "pirate" three simulators and making it work on my computers. Please read completely before nuking the thread ;) The computers involved are a Windows 7 laptop (Core 2 Duo), a Ryzen 3 1200 running Windows 10 and Linux with Wine 5.0, and a Ryzen 5 1600 running Windows 10. Also I've …

Re: PCem alternatives / forks?

in PC Emulation
I guess the only active? fork is 86box, but keep in mind that it was a result of some kind of disagreement from the direction PCem had and the vision that 86box was based. So expect a fork that is not true to the original, although it has some capabilities that PCem lacks. (OTOH another emulator …

Re: Random weird PC tales

in Milliways
... Last week I bought a (cheap) USB 3.0 HDD enclosure... because I had some laptop HDDs lying around and it looked like a cassette. When I connected it to my wife computer using the (slim, about 30cm) cable that came with the enclosure, it keep disconnecting from the computer. It was not that the …

Re: Floppy troubles

Many USB floppies only read standard 1.44Mb floppies. Others can read both standard 720Kb an 1.44Mb. Excluding special hardware like Kryoflux, I don't know any floppy that can read not standard floppies (i.e.: floppies with 10 sectors/track or with odd sector numbering). So don't expect reading copy …

Re: List of Currently Free Games

in Milliways
GigAHerZ wrote on 2021-10-03, 14:47: kolderman wrote on 2021-10-02, 19:51: Ghostrunner is $50AUD on GOG. That's a pretty good freebee. 50$ is not free! The free Ghostrunner is on Amazon Prime (you get a code for GoG). He posted the GoG usual price as comparison.

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