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Re: [MAME] Mounting disk images?

in PC Emulation
AFAIK, MAME only shows devices that can be actually connected. I guess your system hard disk controller only allows one HDD connected to it, so you'll need to attach another controller to your buses. What MAME system are you trying to use? (BTW, you can test configurations using Scroll Lock to …

Re: Retro flight sim playthroughs

in Milliways
I wonder how many flight simulators had a proper "high resolution" (=640*350) EGA version... also, I wonder if any VGA flight simulator chose 640*480@16 colours instead of 320*200@256 colours.

Re: Printer Problems

About the Panasonic one: It sounds like a defective cable to me. Check this things: - Most printers have an internal test page, so print it. It should be triggered by powering the printer while a key is held (i.e.: Power + Line Feed), refer to your manual. If that page is fine, the trouble is …

Re: USB Floppy

Thanks ! My Dell ones are Labeled "Dell UF0002" with HW ID: USBSTOR\SFloppyNEC_____USB_UF000x______1.50 and NEC_____USB_UF000x______1 and it cannot read any 720k. What exact Hardware ID shows up under Device Manager for yours ? USBSTOR\SFloppyNEC_____USB_UF000x______1.60 USBSTOR\NEC_____USB_UF000x …

Re: Technological critique

in Milliways
Even cheap desktop speakers sound good now. Even cheap desktop speakers sound better than LCD ones. I have some cheap Logitech speakers, and although they sound way better than any display mounted ones they still sound worse than my (cheap, about 120€) radio/cd player combo. Surely, they're good …

Re: USB Floppy

I also have the same NEC UF0002 (same part number and code). It reads fine 720Kb floppies, although I haven't tried to write them. I wonder why nobody made a USB to floppy converter... all USB floppies I've found have the USB part embedded into the floppy board.

Re: USB Floppy

Keep on mind that floppy drives were slow, and although some USB disk drives offer some kind of "acceleration" you won't get anything remotely near "pendrive speed". I guess the differences between brands are durability and the ability to read/write 720k disks. On the other side, the worst part is …

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