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VGA to HDMI converter... is it any good?

in PC Emulation
I've found a (cheap) VGA to HDMI converter that was going to the dumpster and acquired it. It is labelled as MT-VIKI, and the board suggest that the model is MT-VH02. A quick search shows that it has been sold in a variety of brands, but nothing more. The PSU is damaged (may work, but it's too risky …

Re: Retro flight sim playthroughs

in Milliways
damson wrote on 2022-02-17, 15:52: Tiny Combat Arena is soon coming to Early Access on Steam. Looks really promising. https://youtu.be/T8XEpWYd8r4 It reminds me of YS Flight. The older versions, because it seems that graphics have been improved.

Re: Hotdog Linux..

in Milliways
Maybe, if it includes Wine and / or Dosbox (or you install them). Wine may integrate better, but Dosbox will show a entire Win 3.1 desktop. Note that (in most Linux distributions) installing Dosbox may "disable" Wine win16 compatibility (Wine will suggest running Windows 3.1 executables from Dosbox …

Re: Most disappointing games?

in Milliways
Did I talk about Ion Fury ? A massive dissapointing game for me. Don't get me wrong, the game is good. It has good graphics and sound (for a Build shooter), but it feels soul-less. Nothing new, interesting or exciting about levels, weapons or enemies. It feels like a generic shooter of the era. …

Re: MiniGL Specification

in Windows
I don't know if that "standard" is complete... there were several versions of miniGL, that included more functions. The first one was able to run Quake, the later ones enabled to run games like SiN or Half-Life. Unfortunately, that site does not says which miniGL version is covered. (Anyway, you …

Re: Raspberry Pi gets 64-Bit OS support officially

in Milliways
My Raspberry does more I/O (via downloads, server things) than CPU stuff, so I wonder if there is much to be gained from switching to 64 bits. It seems that most tests on the web have been CPU oriented ones, I'd like to see anybody doing a database stress test. (Waiting for a Raspberry with SATA …

Re: Digital restoration: Titus the fox

in DOS
Considering anything near the active screen starts to move probably harder Would need to fix the hit detection and the ability to lift objects to make the game fun That's not what I tought, but it's interesting. So now we have TWO things that modify the intended difficulty of the game: - It the …

Re: Digital restoration: Titus the fox

in DOS
robertmo wrote on 2022-01-18, 12:03: The best with such remakes is the ability to set resolution you like I'm not sure... in most games, changing the viewable area also changes the difficulty.

Dual BIOS. What BIOS do I have?

in Milliways
My computer has a Gigabyte AB350 gaming 3 (v1.0) mainboard, with a Ryzen 3 1200 CPU. I was thinking about upgrade it to a 3rd generation Ryzen (if I can get one of those), but I fear having some BIOS issues. According to Gigabyte supported CPU list, those CPUs are not supported by launch BIOS so I …

Re: Today's accomplishment 😁

in Milliways
I never took that game seriously. It was one of those "school" games to me (=games that you have on a floppy to play when the teacher was not looking), so I played 5..15 minutes at a time. In any case, have you finished the Xmas version? You can get it on their web page for free...

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