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Crash on changing cd images

When I mount two iso images everything worls fine and I can change them with alt+f4. Mounting two cue images works, too, but pressing alt+f4, crashes DosBox without an error message. Did anybody encounter the same problem already? Do you know a workaround, maybe?

Re: CUE/ISO/MP3 does not work

No solution for the MP3 problem so far, but standard OGG Vorbis works without problems for me. (Unless when I compiled DosBox myself. Then you must carefully watch which flags are set.) If it doesn't play either MP3 or OGG for you, then did you consider the problem might somewhere else? (Sound set …

Re: CUE/ISO/MP3 does not work

Ok so that could be fixed by just adding the OGG tag, thanks for your explanation. Well, no. SDL_sound determines the contents of a file on its own. The name of the tag plays no role whatsoever. The funny thing is that SDL_sound throws no error when it encounters mp3. It just refuses to play it - …

Re: CUE/ISO/MP3 does not work

Yes but why would it work for .ogg then, assuming the TAG is OGG I always use MP3 as the tag for compressed files, even for ogg-files. Using a tag OGG produces an error message, if I remember that correctly. There is no special OGG tag in the cuesheet standard. Therefore you always get an AudioFile …

Re: CUE/ISO/MP3 does not work

The sample structure is a kind of abstraction that SDL_sound lays over the audio file. All audio files look like a uncompressed data stream. The rendering is done transparently inside SDL_sound I cite from the SDL_sound docs : if you specify, for example, "mp3" for an extension, and one of the …

Re: CUE/ISO/MP3 does not work

Well, taking a closer look at cdrom_image.cpp shows that the tags WAVE, AIFF and MP3 synonymously result in calling AudioFile's constructor and thus in Sound_NewSampleFromFile. The sample structure is delivered by SDL_sound and no distinction takes place according to the underlying file format, no …

Re: CUE/ISO/MP3 does not work

you know what is odd. In the cue parsing functions there is code to detect MP3 as type, but not OGG. So in a way it is odd that OGG works and MP3 doesn't. If I remeber that right, the cuesheet standard does not list a special tag for ogg. So the MP3-tag is nothing but a tag, bearing no significance …

Re: CUE/ISO/MP3 does not work

There were a discussion here recently about some bug in DOSBox or SDL wrt. calculating time and length of audio files in images. Maybe you hit the same problem? I don't think so. The "wrong lenght error" is rather exotic and most games will simply ignore it. Here one codec works, another one does …

Re: CUE/ISO/MP3 does not work

Sorry for the delay. I assume that you are using dosbox under linux, since I am facing the same kind of trouble (though I don't mind 😉). The MP3 codec is probably not registered with SDL_sound. Are the necessary codes installed? If they are, then I would try to recompile SDL.

Re: DOSBox Icon

How about such a "Fallout"-like 50s retro scif-fi icon (something like a battered cathode ray tube)? Any idea what I'm talking about 😉 ? Maybe I'll make one like that, when I have some spare time.

Making DOSBox debugger scriptable

Hi everybody, lately I have been fancying that the internal DOSBox debugger might be made scriptable/reactive. Scriptable debuggers could be the future of debugging. IDA has it. See http://www.cs.brown.edu/research/plt/software/mztake/ for another example. This would demand that an API for the …

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