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Re: The Adventurer #5 (Luxas Arts magazine)

in Milliways
Actually, while this topic is still alive, Laserschwert made a few other LucasArts posters out of the cover art and got them hosted here; http://adventure-treff.de/specials/dl_goodies.php#poster. Makes empty walls look really nice!

The Adventurer #5 (Luxas Arts magazine)

in Milliways
Does anyone have any high resolution images of the cover for issue #5? All I've found is http://lucasarts.vintagegaming.org/index.php?s=19204538194d1748f4ec4d189577b13c&do=item&itemid=97&gameid=16#The%20Adventurer%20Issue%20#5%20Fall%201992 and that's pretty low resolution not to mention the paper …

Re: Forum rules?

in Milliways
So what are the rules? For instance, is posting picture of boobs (or otherwise mild porn) allowed? How about swear words? Etc. I'm sure if I post screenshots of the sex games working in Dosbox or another emulator AND my naked gf playing that it will be appreciated in the forum :) Post away! : …

Re: Why is Vogons so dead?

in Milliways
It's all my fault, I'm more of a reader then a poster.. /me hides in shame Nah, I don't think VOGONS is dead, there's always new posts whenever I visit (only once a day I must confess).

Re: Greatest Role-playing Game of 2006? (i.e. Oblivion Thread)

in Milliways
I'm ~40 hours in the game and I've hardly played anything on the main quest and not a single guild quest, beat the arena though. I just started exploring after finding the heir and got a bunch of quests in different towns, and once one is done found another one. I have about 7-8 open quests and I …

Help finding an old DOS game

in Milliways
Heya Been trying to find an old game lately and I just can't remember the name of the game. I think it was something like Dr Mad something Race or something with chase in it but I could be way off here. I remember playing the demo over at a friends place on his old 486DX2 66MHz, so it was most …

Re: XBOX 360 games

in Milliways
Thanks for the replies, I think I should have mentioned that I don't like sports games, nor aren't really a fan of first person shooters. I've tried the CoD2 demo and it seems like it could be good once you get really used to the controlls. I actually held of buying PGR3 'cause of reviews picking on …

XBOX 360 games

in Milliways
So I finally got my XBOX 360 (won it too, free stuff rocks!), so I was wondering if anyone here has one, or have played around with one and could recommend some good games. I was thinking of getting PGR3, but from the reviews I've read it seems rather buggy so I'm only going to get it if they fix it …

Re: King's Quest IX has been saved!!

in Milliways
Like ChaosFish I will probably not play it, but it's good for the fans and those who have put a lot of time and effort into it. Now if they could just do the same for that Chrono Trigger remake I'd be happy.

Re: XBOX 360 problems

in Milliways
vasyl wrote: Just try it: get a new toy (XBox 360 with a couple games qualifies), put it in your room, and don't touch it for one month 😉 Not a problem at all, assuming I don't have to pay for it.

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