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Re: DOS games with native DB50XG/SW60XG support

in Marvin \ Sound
The sound configuration utility for Albion, which uses the Miles sound system, has a discrete option for choosing the DB50 for music: albionxg.png I don't know if this is actual XG music, or 'just' GM mapped to the DB50/DB60/XR385, as my XR385 board is currently packed away. I can't remember ever …

Re: List of DOS games with OPL3 stereo music

in Marvin \ Sound
I was reading random article on The Cutting Room Floor .net when I noticed that x-com patch 1.4 brought support for stereo opl3 sound and though this might be something you would like to know https://tcrf.net/X-COM:_UFO_Defense#DOS_Version_1.4 X-COM: UFO Defense version 1.4 has only one music …

Re: FastDoom. A new Doom port for DOS, optimized to be as fast as possible for 386/486 personal computers!

The problem here with 32-bit writing is that there is no fast way to extend an 8-bit color, because it's impossible to copy the 16-bit low part to the high part without avoiding use two registers and a shift instruction. Also we are very limited here since only EDX register is available, as EAX has …

Re: Rendition Verite Wrapper attempts [need help]

in Marvin \ Video
for example : there is vl_error V_DLLIMPORT VL_RegisterErrorHandler(vl_error_handler peh) "vl_error_handler" -is refers to "typedef vl_error_handler (V_DLLIMPORT *VL_GetErrorHandler_Type)(void);" VL_GetErrorHandler_Type???? No where in SDK it defined. "typedef vl_error_handler (V_DLLIMPORT *VL_ …

Re: Scanbin 6 for 16-bit Windows

in DOSBox General
Here is what I did: - copied winsock.dll to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM - extracted files from scanb6.exe - copied ctl3d98.dll (ctl3dnt.dll also worked) to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM and renamed it to ctl3dv2.dll - run install.exe, which allowed me to install the program Then it complained about modified executable …

Re: Scanbin 6 for 16-bit Windows

in DOSBox General
I haven't tried this, but: in the archive there are two files ctl3d98.dll and ctl3dnt.dll. One of them is renamed to ctl3dv2.dll during installation (according to operating system). You must do this manually, since you extracted the files without installing.

Re: Legend of Sword and Fairy - english patch

in DOS
I don't think you can play the english version with the original DOS executable. In the patch readme for version 3.1, it says that DOS versi0n is only supported with SDLPal.

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