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Speeding up hq2x / hq3x

I tried speeding up hq2x/hq3x (mainly by using SIMD instructions to speed up function diffYUV - on x86/x64/armv6/armv7/armv8 CPUs). When I tested just hq2x/hq3x outside of DOSBox, I measured a speed increase 55%-87% (x86/x64 versions). But when I tested whole DOSBox, the maximum speed increase was …

Re: Error in hq2x / hq3x

An example image scaled with hq3x using unfixed code: Filename test1.png File size 7.19 KiB Views 167 views File comment hq3x using unfixed code An example image scaled with hq3x using fixed code: Filename test2.png File size 8.14 KiB Views 167 views File comment hq3x using fixed code

Error in hq2x / hq3x

There is an error in hq2x / hq3x scalers. In file src/gui/render_templates_hq.h (in function diffYUV) the lines 44, 49, 54 are the same and look like this: mask = diff >> 31; // -1 if value < 0, 0 otherwise Since diff is an unsigned integer, the result won't be -1 if value < 0, but the result will …

Re: Dynamic core optimization

Thar she blows, 64 bit decoder. For some reason this doesn't work: // cache_addq(0xc48300000000e851|((Bit64u)(&mem_readb_checked_dcx86) - (Bit64u)cache.pos-4)<<16); Should by my understanding and gets past gcc without complaint but dosbox crashes out. Saving ((Bit64u)(&mem_readb_checked_dcx86) - ( …

Dynrec - ARM 64-bit backend

Hi, I created a backed in the dynrec for 64-bit ARM (ARMv8, little endian). Detection in configure is included, but in case it doesn't work, following definitions should be set in config.h #define C_DYNREC 1 #define C_TARGETCPU ARMV8LE #define C_UNALIGNED_MEMORY 1 Patch for revision 4112 is in the …


in Marvin \ Sound
Would it make sense to have place on the PCB for Waveblaster header ? To either use MIDI out or Waveblaster header in case you already have DreamBlaster S1,X1, S2 or X2.

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