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Re: General question about games that crash

in Windows
Under 98 and 2000, this particular game [crappy old Hellboy game by Cryo] just disappears when it crashes, on anything I have tried it on, except the original system I used. There are particular events that trigger the crashes, but only 99% of the time. I was going to try and rebuild the p3 system I …

General question about games that crash

in Windows
I am wondering, is it possible that a game might run under windows on some hardware but not others? I mean, it could run on both but may seemingly inexplicably crash occasionally on one set of hardware but not on a different setr? Crashing in this case would not be bsod, but simply disappearing - ie …

Re: Error-correcting codes in old tape-based formats

http://www.cepece.info/amstrad/docs/manual/s968se08.pdf contains info on cassette formats for the amstrad cpc computers, which were from the same time as the ones you mention. For the zx81 the following indicates there was no error-correction or synchronisation: http://www.michaelminn.com/linux/ …

Re: Mac video hardware?

http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/powermac_g3/stats/powermac_g3_450_bl.html is one place to start, also apple used to have a range of forums you could ask on. As I understand it: - Your Mac will have a PCI graphics card - but Mac versions have a Mac-specific bios, which you would need to flash …

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