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A new game

I know that there are a few other games that are supported by glidos , But one that I think that would greatly benefit from glidos is SEGA'S VIRTUA FIGHTER 1 & 2. These games do not have any current 3-D support. There was a lame patch back in 98' , but has been severly out dated & is a bugger to try …

Re: Re: A good joystick fix for ya

Actually VDM can emulate up to 32 buttons. It's just that the original Tomb Raider was hardcoded for four buttons max. As Snover suggests, JoyToKey is the ultimate tool to override this behaviour and doesn't require to buy any specific hardware. It works perfectly with TR :) Cool , I'll check it …

A good joystick fix for ya

Hey people , I have had disscussions with friends of mine that are also "Tomb Raider Original game" Fans that are frustrated about not being able to use full function with all the commands for joystick when using the VDM sound program. Well I have found ( and forgive me if everybody already knows …


Glidos wrote: I should also say I don't have a problem with people not knowing how to do various things on a computer. Different people know different things. Its all to do with what you've come across before. Nothing to do with being stupid or clever. Hey Thank you that worked fine !!:P

Problems with un-lock codes in e-mails

O.K Paul is gonna get real sick of me and probably by now finds me to be a PC illiterate dunce (lol) but seriously my last request for un-lock codes in my e-mail hit a brick wall when my "e-mail client" is re-formmating the keys....I don't have the foggiest how to fix this problem since I can't …

Re-install OS / No GLIDOS

Hi everyone! I have a little problem. I had to re-install WIN XP Home edition and re-installed a "Backed-up" copy of glidos. When I pasted my ID to the clip-board again nothing happend. So I downloaded the newer version thinking that would do the trick. Well , it took my ID number and the game would …

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