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Re: DosBox FAQ

It can't hurt to include it. But, maybe it is too difficult for some people to "read the README file in the DOSBox directory". The kind of people that don't even know where that DOSBox directory is. Maybe some people just aren't fluent enough in programming to understand a README file written by …

Re: Must have Games from the 90s to own

Hmmm... Alternate Reality: The City Lucas Arts Rescue on Fractalus X-Wing I-72 Awesome car wars type game Fallout: Tactics Microprose Subwar: 2050 A very under-rated sub simulator that is more like a flight sim... Damn good graphics for 1994 era games F19 Stealth Fighter I know a mom-n-pop shop that …

Subwar:2050 Install balks at disc 4

I'm about as techno-ignorant as it comes, but I do read the README stuff It's the techno jargon I have trouble with:dead: I used Loonies program to get to the A: drive and install directory... but when I get to disc 4 of the install I get this error message: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v109/ …

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