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Re: Pulling my hair out with EGA programming.

in Marvin \ Video
Lameguy64 wrote a small (Watcom C) program to test out EGA stuff, accessing 0xA000:0 directly like you want http://lameguy64.net/?page=dosstuff http://lameguy64.net/snippets/EGATEST.C compiled for me with: https://github.com/open-watcom/open-watcom-v2 without a problem

Re: DOSBox debugger

i also always got trouble easily finding the output files - so i just added a fixed path to all my needed output files memdump, cpulog etc. - maybe also a solution for you or a way to check if the file isn't generated at all (for whatever reason)

Re: DOSBox debugger

How to find data reading code with the dosbox debugger? i've got a 16bit real mode DOS game that loads some level data always at the same position (4A9B:4CC) and i try to find out what part of the code is using the data to decompress im building dosbox from source with heavy-debug mode and im able …

Re: Breakpoint on DOS Program Start

in PC Emulation
Write your own .com that calls int21.4b with al=1 to load the program to be debugged, then jump to the new ip with the trap flag set (or some other method to notify your emulator to break). jmarsh idea is the best i think - you can't activate a debugger by just hooking some interrupts because …

Re: Breakpoint on DOS Program Start

in PC Emulation
its not clear what you are trying to reach? debugging of DOS exe or com programs can be done using: -(very archaic) using the debug command from a real MS DOS: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debug_(command) -using the dosbox internal debugger (much better then the real DOS debugger): https://www. …

Re: Ml.exe masm.exe

in DOS
different question: why do you want to develop directly under DOS? its much easier to use dosbox + cross-assembling with MASM or better UASM (MASM compatible but better error messages) or NASM on Win/Linux x64 - im doing all my DOS programs that way

Re: Sound Driver Pack

I assume you want to switch between versions, for testing purposes: Change the path eg: SET SOUND=C:\DOS\CT-VOICE\2.12, but some games do not use or respect the SOUND path. Overwrite CT-VOICE.DRV with the version you want to test, which always works. Write a loader to intercept the CT-VOICE.DRV …

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