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Re: How to view my old icq chat databases

i've found these: seems to be ICQ99 and above but i would contact the authors over github https://github.com/patric-r/ICQExport (ask for filling an issue if it doesn't work) https://github.com/pp3345/ICQDump https://github.com/yuvadm/icqdump what about this one? https://zalbee.intricus.net/immerge/ …

Re: Patching old Miles Sound System (WAIL) for Windows 7/10

in Windows
From what I have observed, the .DLL doesn't seem to have any 'Activision built' extra function in it. All the functions look to me to be the original ones provided by RAD, even the release date of 3.03d of 'WAIL32.DLL' is the same as the one provided with the application. equal means - every …

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