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Re: Midi Modules for gaming

Hi, I've decided to build a retro rig together to play Dos games and X68000 that use the midi. ... I have been offered an SC155, any good? ... As for "authenticity", the SC-155 will do a little better than the SC-55 sound set of the SC-8820 or SC-D70. Most of the time DOS game music composers used …

Re: Kawai GMEGA - Broken display?

The Kawai Gmega uses a generic Hitachi HD4478 based 16x2 display afaik. Any of those from AliExpress will probably do. Maybe you'd have to fiddle a little to align it (don't know if the screw holes match) but it should be possible. Did the same twice with both my Roland RA-50's 😀

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
chrismeyer6 wrote on 2021-01-15, 16:10: That controller reminds me of the original large Xbox controller That is meant to be since it is a faithful recreation of exactly that one. This one has a USB connection though and works on an Xbox One and PC.

Re: New to Vogons, retro pc showcase

What is that battery compartement for? Did you replace that whole metal part / that unit with the batteries in it and where did you find that? The metal is original, I just replaced the pastic holder within. If you look at the picture from the inside of the computer, you can still see the damage to …

Re: New to Vogons, retro pc showcase

HugoBoss1985 wrote on 2021-01-07, 19:48: Tulip, a true Dutch classic 😀 That looks really nice and clean! And that's a true period correct system 😜 Yes, I am happy with this system.. It's very stable and all components are in nice shape and belong together.. Inside is an SB16 (CT-1750) with a Roland …

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