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looking for Puzzle game with cute robot 93-97

in Milliways
I am looking for a very cute puzzle game I belive its from 1993-1997 In this game you played very cute robot and you had to move some switches in order to make lazer beam pass thru so it can open the door or activate cetain switch (at least this is what I remember) the game was from up down …

Pitstop 2 - CGA modes & controls

My first question' does anyone knows what are the controls once you stopped here? http://www.mobygames.com/images/shots/l/61395-pitstop-ii-pc-booter-screenshot-the-pit.png 2nd question when i play pitstop 2 it looks like this on dosbox: http://www.mobygames.com/images/shots/l/61395-pitstop-ii-pc- …

Bionic Commando - CGA Problem

When I try to load bionic commando with CGA I get Stack Overflow message... I tried bion /c bion c etc... it seems like the game change to CGA SCREEN MODE but i cant get into the game itself once it changed to CGA mode i get the message stack overflow can someone please help me?

Jackal CGA

Does anyone knows how to load the CGA version of JACKAL by KONAMI? I have files that end with CGA and EGA i was able to make the game run on EGA mode, but couldnt on CGA I tried Jackal /c Jackal /cga Jackal -c Jackal -cga

Re: CGA problem Tom & Jerry - Cat-astroph

i found this file **************************************************************************** * Optional Parameters: * * - Best available mode found * * C - Cga Version * * E - Ega Version * * T - Tga Version * * H - Hercules Version * * D - Dual Cga/Hercules Version * * S - Start With Sound Off * …

CGA problem Tom & Jerry - Cat-astroph

hello i am having little problem with Tom & Jerry - Cat-astrophe - Hi-Tech Expression (1990) http://www.dosbox.com/comp_list.php?showID=2617&letter=T i am able to run the game, BUT i want to play it with CGA mode like i used to back in the day so i changed in the conf file machine=cga the problem is …

Action Soccer - sound problem

hello I have a problem with ACTION SOCCER from UBISOFT 1995 when I run this game, and enter to the options and then enter the sound settings, I can hear the music when I changed its volume, I cam hear kicks, when I move the volume knob of the SFX BUT when I am not in the sound settings, there are no …

Re: DOSBOX stuck my windows please help

the truth is that many time its stuck when FIREFOX is running in the background, the thing is i am not sure if its causing it, to chack it i will have to shut down firefox every time i play, and check after few times if it crahes or not another question i have since 0.63 didnt suck even once, can i …

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