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lags when copying from CF Card. (Windows 98 SE) DMA problem?

in Windows
I have this Transcend PCMCIA CF card reader and when I'm transfering data from the CF card I'll notice that the computer is lagging, like sound is stuttering and the mouse cursor is lagging. I'm assuming that DMA isn't enabled for this particular card, but I have no idea how to enable it.. I also …

Getting Sound to Work with DOS games on Windows 98

in DOS
I have an old Laptop (Compaq Armada E500) Planning to run DOS games on this thing as well. All drivers are installed, the Audio driver is some ESS device (only called ESS device manager in device manager) I tried setting up sound in doom, only getting midi played but no sound. Also tried Megarace 2, …

Geforce Go 5600 Win98 drivers?

picked up an older Sony Vaio laptop for 50 bucks and I'm trying to set up windows 98 for older games. Its got a pentium 4 with a Geforce Go 5600 GPU, but I'm trying to find windows 98 drivers for it. anyone got an idea where I could get them or do they even exist in the first place? Its probably a …

Re: Hardware T&L with DX7 on Windows 10 ?

in Windows
DGVoodoo actually brought me a noticable performance boost. And resolution didn't really matter, 640x480 and 1280x800, pretty much same framerate. The game I tested was Gothic 2, its a very CPU intense game and my device has a very low single thread performance (Intel Atom Tablet) But thanks to …

Hardware T&L with DX7 on Windows 10 ?

in Windows
So as I heard older DirectX versions are kind of restricted under Windows 10, such as DX7 only has emulated T&L instead of real hardware T&L, which makes older games that make use of Hardware T&L lag a lot on slower hardware. Is there any way to solve this issue? a workaround to re-enable hardware …

Windows 98 problem

I know Windows 98 is not officially supported but I followed this tutorial: http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=26973 and did everything what it says, using ykhwong's latest build. During Windows Setup in the latest 7 Minutes the Setup keeps freezing after showing an error that RunDll32 had to be …

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