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Re: Flight Simulator 2000 Instrument Panels Issue

in Windows
Just an update: I noticed that I only experienced the problem while in fullscreen mode. If you put FS2000 in fullscreen windowed mode, the instrument panel and 3D view looked just fine. The problem with this is who the heck wants to see a WinDoZE titlebar while flying LOL?! I experimented with …

SHARE.EXE in Windows 3.11 WFWG under DOSBox

I'm trying to run a program for Microsoft Flight Simulator 5, the ATC Workshop that comes with the FS5 addon Flight Shop. ATC workshop allows you to create flight "adventures" for FS5 that are totally air traffic controlled. When I run the utility (FSFSADV.EXE) in Windows 3.11 under DOSBox I get an …

Flight Simulator 2000 Instrument Panels Issue

in Windows
I'm running Windows 10 and Flight Simulator 2000 (Professional Edition, if that matters). A problem that I'm having is that the top edge of the instrument panel is BEHIND the main 3D view window. I can resize the instrument panel, or the main 3D view window, but of course that looks really bad. (See …

Re: Is this a REAL video game?

in Milliways
P.S. Here is a ZIP containing an MP4 video of the TV commercial, unzip and view with the Windows Media Player. The "game" even has some cool retro sounding video game music as well 😀 Filename Comet_TV_Video_Game_Commercial.zip File size 2.18 MiB Downloads 15 downloads

Is this a REAL video game?

in Milliways
Comet TV has a new commercial for their TV station that appears to be an old retro video game. Does anyone recognize this? Is it a real video game, or simply something that Comet TV put together for their TV advertisement/commercial? Comet_TV_Video_Game_Commercial_1.jpg Comet_TV_Video_Game_ …

Download for Fanaleds older version 2.0c?

in Windows
Would anyone happen to have a download link for an older version of Fanaleds? The newer version of Fanaleds doesn't support NASCAR Racing 2003, and from what I've read some of the older versions indeed do support the game (re: the last post in this message thread -> https://www.fanaleds.com/forum/ …

Combat Flight Simulator 2 multiplayer connection problems

in Windows
I posted this message over at Sim Outhouse, yet after about two dozen replies, NO luck. Maybe someone here could shed some light on this (copy 'n' paste follows)? Me and two of my buddies used to play numerous multiplayer games with CFS2 for several years. Earlier last year we slacked off, and …

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