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Re: Z + boot disc

in DOS
Sorry mate. Dunno what happened there. Thought it odd it needed another subject ! Not too straight forward, the reply buttons.

Z + boot disc

in DOS
C:\ is unfortunately ntfs, but E:\ is fat32 and K:\ is also fat32. (I have 2 HD and a few partitions !) Should I put them on there ?

Z and boot discs

in DOS
OK. So here I am on a XP home system, with a windows 98/Me boot disc, with the downloaded (but not working Z on C drive. What next ?

Re: Z

in DOS
Are we talking about a run-of-the-mill Win98 boot disk ? Dosbox yes - VdMsound I dont have a clue about.

Re: Z

in DOS
Boot disk ? What boot disk ? I am desperate to get Z going.

Re: another "Z" thread

Could someone post a nice easy step-by-step deal on how you chaps managed to get the wonderful "Z" rolling on XP ? I am getting serious jitters from lack of Z for the past 2 years !!! To say i dont know where to START would be an understatement !

"Z" what a bugger to get going....

Hi. Got told about dosbox 6 by a gent off this board (thanks, Urban mate !) after hopefully asking on a newsgroup if anyone hadd managed to get "Z" working on XP. Bitmap brothers are not exactly helping (in fact they couldnt seem to care less about their old games not working on newer systems) but I …

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