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Re: Warhammer Dark Omen (1998)

in Windows
took considerable time and patience to root cause ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Could you clarify some things? When you say Qemu are you refering to (or do you recommend) your fork qemu-3dfx? Do you know if these pre-built versions of WineD3D support Win98?

Re: Ways to dump memory to a file->

Has anyone here successfully reverse engineered parts of an old DOS game? Yes, I have. How do people make sense of all that info thrown at them? Learn "game hacking". Memory Scanner -> hardware breakpoint -> disassembly. String -> hardware breakpoint -> disassembly. DOS Interrupt -> breakpoint -> …

Re: Why does stopping "explorer.exe" fix certain games?

in Windows
@Azarien 1. DirectDraw is the *ONLY* way to get *EXCLUSIVE* access to the system palette. DDraw's exclusive access is not exclusive anymore. Hence it is a DDraw bug. 2. DDraw-to-Direct3D wrappers allows for the ~300,000 palette lookups per frame to be GPU accelerated. This is a performance issue, …

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