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Re: ATI Small Wonder technical info

PickledDog recently added support for the Plantronics Colorplus to FastDoom, you can check this commit (https://github.com/viti95/FastDoom/commit/6117851c0c0eff24b0dcf69e82518f4ffd81dbd1), it includes the mode initialization and code for filling the whole screen (backbuffer to vram copy). Maybe …

Re: Any mention or info about this card?

He's got his own facebook page, where he release info and availability of many his cards. All based on 3DFx chips and quite unique. Number of cards are very limited as they are mostly handmade and price equals this. I will never have one unless i win lottery, but like his works as he's doing maxed …

Re: The Saga of the Artist Graphics 2000i PCI

1)Image of card would be nice.... 2)Glquake should work 3)Aida 64 or older version named everest should work too (at last in win98 they are). They can show opengl info. 4)You can try GPUbench too, usefull for cards without texture capabilities.... http://swarm.cz/gpubench/ 5)If youre into more fancy …

Re: Gantt Chart or Timeline of GPUs?

Well i made one, as others seemed to me not good enough. But if you find any other good, link is welcome.... http://vgamuseum.info/index.php/history-tree or direct link on image, but its quite big... http://vgamuseum.info/images/doc/history.png

Looking for SPECviewperf 6.1.1 and older

Hello, i'm working on review of quite old profi card and want to show differences between gaming and profi cards also in some profi benchmark. Oldest cinebench for x86 i found is 2003, where card won't shine so much because my very strong cpu's. Also SPECviewperf is alternative, but last available …

Re: Voodoo 1, 2, and 5 questions

Aebtdom wrote on 2021-04-05, 13:00: I figured as much, but I don't know how to activate a frame counter in game natively, nor do I know of any program that works in an MS-DOS game and or 3Dfx mode. Have you tried glidefpx for glide modes? Glide 2.x FPS Measurement

Re: Something for lovers of bad video cards (youtube)

That Alliance card was terrible! xD In comparison the Voodoo was wayyyy better! Excellent video as always! Hope to see the S3 Savage 2000 one day :) You can see it anytime, Phil alredy done it... https://youtu.be/tsOiTBZJ19U Savage 2000 was mine 3rd 3D card (S3 Virge DX, S3 Savage 3D, Savage 2000), …

Re: Video Card prices

Prices are up, but still nothing compared to what used to be.... I like my new charts on site. If you look at some retro cards prices, they were crazy..... For example IBM VGA - $595, Ati Mach64GX - $699, Paradise PVGA1A - $799, Matrox Impression Plus - $898, IBM EGA - $982, Number Nine Imagine 128 …

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