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Audio Pack

I cannot seem to get the Audio Pack to work. I only re-installed Glidos a couple of weeks ago, and have managed to sort out some controller issues I had. I realised that I'd installed the Audio Pack seperately, though it did not need to be done that way, so renamed my v1.52 Glidos to be Glidos (Old) …

Re: Steam TR1 with Glidos

Thanks Darry. In the end, I stopped Steam from starting up automatically, and found a maintained version of DS4Windows on Github. The one I had downloaded had been abandoned in 2016. That's now working...in fact everything seems fine - apart from getting the Audio pack going (although the controller …

Steam TR1 with Glidos

Hi all, Long time Glidos user here! I've recently reinstalled Steam TR1 onto my new laptop - though I do have the original TR1 CDs anyway. I have also connected by PS4 controller, and had planned to run some kind of custom configuration of the controller in order to play TR1. However, I could not …

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