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Re: Problems with Norton Antivirus

Thanks for the advice everyone... I mentioned what virus protection is used on my parent's computer (the one I hopefully will be allowed to reformat and repair). On my computer I don't use any virus scanning becuase I don't see the need for it. I have everything on my computer backed up onto …

Problems with Norton Antivirus

I have been asked by my parents to fix their old clunker computer... They are running Windows 98. I have had several problems with Norton Antivirus on my computer (P3 (750Mhz), 1.2Gb RAM). I'm seeing these problems mirrored in many other computers I've had to fix. Norton seems to absorb all the …

Re: Is it possible to modify a running process?

This is one of the reasons that you neeeeeeed a virus scanner. And not just ANY virus scanner. You need PC-cillin . Well okay, maybe not, but it's really inexpensive and the BEST out of the major players (Trend Micro, Symantec, McAfee). I've had serious trouble with McAffee and Norton Antivirus …

Re: Re: Re: Is it possible to modify a running process?

Odd. I thought this security issue was only on XP, due to Microsoft not wanting a support nightmare due to all the older programs that presume they will have admin-level access. Kind of figured NT/2000 would still be secure due to them not being aimed at the "general consumer". Actually, the …

Re: Geek test

cypher-neo wrote: 62.52465% - Extreme Geek If I had been able to sign the guest book I would have made the top ten for geekiness (#3 actually):D

Re: PCI64 or Vibra 128?

aLSO, what is ensoniq soundscape? Its part of the PCI64, is soundscape supposed to be good or crap? I never liked ensoniq personally... The sound was really scratchy in several games and when playing MIDI files. I'm not sure why... Some of my friends had ensoniq and they liked it though... so, well …

Re: Unfinished Adventure Games

I was so sorry to see "Secret of Vulcan Fury" die... 😠 Warcraft was good too... 🙁 Another thing that I hated was when the first chapter of a good adventure game would be released as shareware or freeware but the next chapters had to be registered (at some unbelievably exorbitant price).

Re: Problem with SideWinder and XP

Have you tried a different joystick ;) Seriously, try removing the game port completely from the registry and letting it redetect; also, I think there is a setting for polling interrupts? I may be wrong, but I think that's how I cured my Gravis (although the variable resistors are knackered now; …

Re: x86 revival?

I think it would be cool if x86 took off again. It was an interesting concept 10 years ago, but computer technology wasn't fast enough. Lotus screwed my computer's memory up royal. If a reliable x86 was released I'd definitely try it again.

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