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in Milliways
Actually there's a Columbia class from Battlestar Galactica 1978 just to the right of the Dune Heighliner. Presume that's the class name for Galactica. And the Lexx is just a bit above the City Destroyer from Independence Day. (With the Silent Running just below the Lexx. And I think the Comet is …


in Milliways
A bit more static than the video, and only for ships about 100-24,000 m but there's something I've always liked at DeviantArt. https://www.deviantart.com/dirkloechel/art/Size-Comparison-Science-Fiction-Spaceships-398790051 (Hope I'm not wasting people's time by telling them about something they …

Re: Adventure remakes poll

in DOS
Parser will always be superior to modern mouse interface. Adventure games died because of the loss of the parser. Personally I tend to think that games like Doom and Myst were more likely to be the cause. If a game company could make (at the time) a 3D shooter for less, to make more money, why …

Re: Looking for original Glide OVL for Lands of Lore 2

in DOS
Tried getting my original 4 CD version and installing it using dosbox. Not sure if my version is too old but I couldn't find that file anywhere. The install on the disc had ./LOLG: CACHEBAK.MIX HMIMDRV.386 LOLG.ICO README.EXE _SETUP.PIF CDCACHE.LS_ ICONS95.EXE LOLG.PIF README.TXT TEST1.HMI CDCACHE. …

Re: Old games that had CD Audio tracks?

in DOS
I remember Mechwarrior 2 had music on the CD. Don't remember for the other games in the series. And I seem to think Quake 1 used the CD because I remember preferring to play it with the music from Mechwarrior 2 CD.

Re: USB Serial Adapter In Linux

(This should only help with the sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyUSB0 part) At https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=135914 they mention that if you want to have access to that /dev file as a user after a reboot you need to run sudo adduser (your user name e.g USER in my case) dialout as that will give …

Re: Games not working on Linux installation, but do work on Windows

in DOS
Could it be a problem with case in the directory names and how they get mounted in dosbox? Because when using the autoexec in dosbox, that does make a difference. Either that or since a lot of games tend to use their config files for where to look for files, there could be a slight difference …

Re: Getting back to full screen mode

Don't know if this anything related to the problem you're having, but in dosbox I used to have the problem that every so often when I was in full screen it would switch to a windowed mode and I couldn't switch back. Never figured out what was the problem, but I suspected something to do with SDL, …

Re: Most disappointing games?

in Milliways
Surprised it hasn't got here in five years, but for me, Star Control 3. Only game that playing the demo made me not want to buy. (Or is this one of the places that follows the strategy in https://xkcd.com/566/ and wonders why nobody ever made a sequel to Star Control 2?)

Re: Fedora Linux Download link is broken

Given that dosbox isn't being updated too often, you could always try using the system tools. If you have yum running, you could use that from a terminal (as root) yum install dosbox Or you could use whatever software installer is called on your version of Fedora (on my older version it's Add/Remove …


Dosfreak, there was a Humble Bundle about a month or two ago that had drm-free X-Com games in it. The X-Com Apocalypse I bought from that has a nearly identical layout except for having a capture sub-directory. Hadn't tried it till now. And didn't have any problems with saving. What sort of …

Re: Thrift store finds? (Software)

in Milliways
Personally I figure that the game is rare enough, that it isn't that much. And I suspect that if I were to find it on elsewhere, it'd probably cost more than $4 anyways. And haven't got around to playing it yet. Though this might urge me on

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