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Re: XBox One unveiled

in Milliways
Incase you didn't already know why Kinect is mandatory, here's why: http://www.zdnet.com/microsoft-patent-spies-o … drm-7000007102/

Re: Hardware you wish you'd never bought.

in Milliways
Back in 2009 I spent 700SEK (~$100) on a shitty GeForce 6200A to 'upgrade' a computer that broke down six months later :( Oh well, at least I didn't have to worry about the driver issues that plagued the 9200SE it had before. I also underspent on my next PC by getting a Core2Duo instead of a …

Re: Suggestion: Page numbers at the top of Vogons' threads

in Milliways
luckybob wrote: TheMAN wrote: the powers that be haven't updated the forum software in ages, let alone install spam bot filters... so I doubt any changes will happen ^^^ This ^^^ I'd like to find out why though. Is it a matter of money? phpBB is open source IIRC, so it's not that.

Re: 3D Acceleration Comparison Episodes

Hehe, this is really nice. It's interesting to see side-by-side comparisons of what these cards were capable of, and also I'd say that this helps when choosing the right card for your games. Also, I like how the hardware-accelerated NV1-version of Virtua Cop looks far worse than the software version …

Re: AMD K6-2 500 with 384MB RAM and.......Win7?

in Milliways
Yeah, definitely fake. The start menu is an immediate giveaway. You are, however, incorrect regarding the CPU requirements. Winhistory.de's "Windows Quäler" page has data of Windows 7 running on an AMD K5-120 (clocked at 90 MHz) paired with 128MB (worth to notice is that Windows Vista takes three …

Re: SMP enabled games (pre-2005)

in Windows
'Juiced', developed by Acclaim and THQ, supports multi-threading. It even indirectly advertises this on startup by displaying the 'runs great on Pentium 4'-animation. The game was released in the same time period as Quake 4 (approx 2005). However, it was supposed to be released in 2004, but Acclaim …

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