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Re: Can a 2500K run with the heatsink loose?

After I told him to mount the heat sink correctly, he replied as he needed to cleanse the legs of the cpu further, does it means he is looking his way out from being embarrassed? And he said if the cpu overheated, it will take 10-15 secs for power cut-off, now he says immediately.. thanks Jack

CheatEngine Question

I would like to search for a singly instanced variable pointer in the game that is actually a handle to some resource, like a bitmap. With Cheat engine, I can start off with typing in a number, say number of bullets is 7 or level of health is 10 But there is no hint to where the pointer is at. I …

No idea why SI doesn't have its own photos?

I got a Derrick Coleman DC photo scanned off from a flatbed scanner way back in 1992..... I looked the web site of SI vault to find a match. The photo was DC shooting over Horace Grant... No way I can find it.... I also got one that Shaq blocking Michael Jordan which was an after block and was very …

How can you tell if the data in memory is an image?

Two use-case scenarios, 1st -> when working on the debugger, you probably would want to know if the data at the current address is an image and also what type of image it is. 2nd -> when working with hooking, when I dump a certain handle, say HTHEME, how can you tell which format it is in? Thanks …

Cannot play a DirectX6 Game on Windows 10

Used to run it on Windows 7 x64 ultimate + d3dwindower, I just used the DirectX7 emulation, and it worked. But no matter what I tried, it starts crashing on windows 10 But on the other hand, using directx8 to run the game (with d3dwindower) has no problems except it has no windowed mode. It just …

[OT] asking a watcom c question

Sorry as I don't know if I should ask in dosbox general section or what... Please bear with me So When I compile a project using watcom c 10.0 under dosbox. I get the following errors below... How do I resolve it, could anyone give me a hint? TNT.20083: DPMI lock of code/data for HW interrupt …

Re: How to check out what an interrupt or port does?

Hello there, I was wondering if I can leave out, say the VGA part, of bochs and then replacing it with some dump functions, so when I plug in a dumped image of a rom to bochs.... How big is the chance that I can guess what that port or interrupt of the vga bios is doing? Thanks Jack

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