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Re: PCem v17

The bitbucket page lands on a 404. - Someone pissed her off and she has finished PCem the worst way. I understand that people can get very nasty (specially through internet) and that having devoted so much time to be heavily critisized can lead to such a breakdown. But that's a sad way to end this …

Re: Disney Interactive's Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow Patch

in Windows
It uses no emulator, it's a Win32S game. DOSBox isn't required at all. If they'd use DOSBox, they would have to use Windows 3.11 or Windows 95 inside it. They can't do that, they don't have the license. The main problem is the game's usage of a graphics library that replaces GDI, and for which …

Re: Worst tips from tech support

in Milliways
I got a Sony external CD-R USB drive I think it was 4x, and at the time was pretty good. I got nothing but buffer overrun errors trying to burn at 4x speed so I called their tech support. I shit you not the guy told me that a new CD-R is like a new car, you don't want to run it full out, it takes …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

Avenger wrote on 2021-06-05, 23:02: xcomcmdr wrote on 2021-06-05, 07:26: DOSBox-X is for games and more. What's so hard to understand about that ? For reasons I've already listed it's clearly geared more towards jack of all trades and master of none. "What's so hard to understand about that?" I can …

Re: What better system for me? Win95c or Win98SE?

in Windows
Windows 95 OSR 2 already had FAT32. You can install DirectX 9 on Windows 95. It was officially supported. But I can't think of any DirectX 9 game that supported Windows 95... But yes, Windows 98SE with the unofficial USB mass storage drivers is the best.

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