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Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

in Milliways
Yes, going 3D was a decision that I've never understood. Even at the time, it was ugly as sin. Refine CMI graphics for the sequel, and then you get a hit game ! Instead we got a bland game with awkward controls... Meh.

Re: english, the planetary language

in Milliways
We can't find umlauts over here, in English it's Dusseldorf, next you'll be expecting me to call Munich, München, like it's some kind of snack luncheon. We give way on this and we'll have to indulge the French with all those accents, graves, circumflexes and << strange seabirds >>. Vive la …

Re: Why people still love XP

in Milliways
The original system requirements heh, I'd rather run Windows 10 on lowest of 1GB than XP on lowest of 64MB, they were ridiculously low by SP1 never mind SP3 MS always specified too low ram requirements for their GUI/OSs since forever. MS Windows 10 has kinda settled that down. How long does it take …

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

Oh, Inner Worlds, that's one of my favorite DOS games from my childhood. It's rather obscure, this is a nice surprise ! :) The graphics and music are still excellent, even to this day. I have both the French release from back in the day. Shareware and full version. Both fully translated. Virtually …

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