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Worms United sound crackle

For whatever reason, the sound crackles in-game. I've confirmed that the issue is internal to the game through a video capture (attached here). I'm running my custom build of Dosbox ECE (which atm an be found here). Note that the video isn't meant to reflect skill.

Re: Libpcap in MSYS2/MinGW-W64?

Bump. Basically, my problem with SDL_Sound is that the newest versions don't work with SDL 1.2 at all (at one point hardcoding an expectation of a specific SDL2 version or newer) but the latest "release" version (as of this writing 1.0.3) fully supports SDL 1.2...but doesn't work with modern …

Re: Libpcap in MSYS2/MinGW-W64?

I was going to compile the i686 build anyway because I was under the impression the dynamic compiler was only for x86...but yeah, renaming the .lib file to something MSYS2 would recognize appeared to do the trick. I'll let you know if it compiles correctly. edit: What is the latest version of SDL_ …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows)

With r4134 I seem to be getting a strange sound glitch as seen here . I tested with vanilla DOSBox (v 0.74) and did not experience this (nor did I with previous versions of ECE) Since a new version of ECE hasn't been released yet, and since I don't know if the fix for this issue has been committed …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

What about timidity (and what does it mean, anyways? Does it mean like connecting to a timidity server, or does it mean the GUS patch only timidity bundled with SDL(2)_Mixer)?

Re: DOSBox-X branch

My first question wasn't answered. Danfun64 wrote: Is it possible to get either the timidity or mt32 mididevice to work with the windows builds from the Dosbox-X Releases github page?

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