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Re: Heads Up: Roland Sound Canvas VA VSTi Plugin!

Falcosoft, first and foremost, thanks for the great MIDI player :D I've been testing MIDI device hot swapping and it's almost what I've wanted for quite some time, however, I have a small request that I hope can be implemented: whenever hot swapping MIDI devices the MIDI player window closes and …

Re: Eric the Unready digitized sound.

I didn't record the video in my original post, actually I found it when trying to figure out if it happened to someone else. The video exhibits basically the same symptoms...the odds of the guy having the exact same setup as me are rather low. In any case, at least for me, the problem's solved.

Re: Eric the Unready digitized sound.

I'm thinking "built in internal audio" My audio attachment was made with the wave capture function in DOSBox (Ctrl-F6), and how the host renders audio is irrelevant for that. Are you recording some other way? It's, definitely, not irrelevant at all and I recorded using the sound card's stereo …

Re: Eric the Unready digitized sound.

The important issue to understand is is to look at the graph. Essentially, for example, what a distortion pedal does to a guitar signal is chop the peaks off the sine waveform, to make it a square, with that in mind, when an audio signal clips, among other things, it causes the distortion I was …

Re: Eric the Unready digitized sound.

Nope, started DosBox 0.74 "out of the box" (except, obviously, for mounts) and yep, pops at beginning and end as well as sound garbling. I've uploaded 2 files, one from PCem and one from DosBox...the DosBox one's rather useless, the pigs aren't even there...but recording them did show something …

Re: Eric the Unready digitized sound.

Same version actually. I just tried it with plain BLASTER (no IRQ or address like install sets legend.bat to start and no MT-32) and while the beginning of the sample now plays, by the end it's all garbled, easily tested with the very first "pigs" sample, also with the cows in the barn. Tested both …

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