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Re: Best OS for a 286?

in Milliways
I am somewhat confident that the Rampage AT does not work in 8-bit mode, because I own one and I am pretty certain I tried it many years ago. Besides, that card should be full height and might not even fit in a Tandy. You may be right about some of the later boards though. In any case, don't waste …

Re: QuickTime 2.12 - windows 3.11 problem

Hm. Well, maybe you can install and configure it in DOSBox (with Windows 3.1x). Here, you can configure it for a safe output method and aferwards, copy over the config file to your old pc (or settings stored in win.ini etc). It's just an idea, if course. Not sure what causes the crash. If you don't …

Re: Best OS for a 286?

in Milliways
The Tandy 1000 TX can’t address extended memory without an extreme hack or an aboveboard So No Windows 3.1 No Normal Unix/Linux Good for approximate dos games and that’s about it. You should be able to run PC Geos/GeoWorks on it easy enough. Runs just fine on my Redstone Computers 10mhz XT Turbo …

TUCOWS shareware library gets shut down

in Milliways
Hello everyone, Just saw the news and thought I should share it with you. https://hackaday.com/2021/01/24/no-more-cows-iconic-1990s-download-site-finally-shuttered-by-tucows/ TUCOWS as a company is alive, it seems. It apparently just decided to end with its past. The archived version seems to be …

Re: Looking for childhood game

in Windows
I don't know for sure, the 90s are such a distant past in my memories. Some ideas: Turrican 2 https://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/turrican-ii-the-final-fight/screenshots JetPack https://www.playdosgames.com/online/jetpack/ Edit: Was it a commercial title or shareware ? Full price titles from Sega …

Re: Need to run DOS commands through code, and fast.

in DOSBox General
Personally, I don't know. But I'm just a user, anyway. The devs or moderators may have better knowledge. That being said, you could also try out MS-DOS Player. It's a command line based emulator. - Similar to those ancient CP/M emulators found on DOS platform. MS-DOS Player needs no mounting and is …

Re: Most beautiful Dos-Games for a 486...what are your favorites?

in DOS
I second that. When I once saw the screenshots at Mobygames, I was puzzled (pun intended) that a soviet themed title could be so cheerful and peaceful.. (I mean, sure, it was made by a western company, but, Tetris as a game, was THE figurehead of USSR/Russia at the time. But never the less, Super …

Re: Looking for a recommendation on ISA IDE controller card, or Network Controller Card with XT-IDE burnt on chip for 51

Hi, I can't make any promises, but I think the AT version of XT-IDE Universal BIOS works fine in any 286 PC (AT platform). The optimized 386 version is separate and rarely used - typically only if required for running OS/2, Win95 etc. (speaking under correction). Not 100% sure how well it works with …

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