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Re: MT32-PI and Roland UM-ONE

in MT-32 General
FISHERMAN wrote on Yesterday, 20:35: Finally I was not doing anything wrong ....updated to o.62 and voilas!! Happy gaming I can confirm, no lame excuse. USB MIDI was broken for a moment (6 to 6.2).

Re: Best and most compact compiler to build Freedos Kernel etc.

in Milliways
Good to hear! I also read that handbook from time to time, by the way. It's both entertaining and informative. And oddly, holds true still in many cases. ;) I'm just curious how the UPX compression works. Is the compression only relevant for file size on disk, or does it also affect program size …

Re: Is old windows 95 software rare nowadays?

Software that was common in the era when computers were already ubiquitous consumer products just can't be rare. You're right. Normally not, no. Though it was very time consuming and tricky to track down older Win32s compatible versions of popular software. I experienced this myself when I started …

Re: Is old windows 95 software rare nowadays?

I came across some old win95 software from 1995-1997 on one of my burned CDs. It was from time period when I was a bad pirate. It made me wonder if someone does archive this kind of old software or if it is hard to find these kinds of software still? I recognized at least these software on the CD: …

Re: Favorite win3.1 software?

Non gaming software... I miss some screen savers like After Dark , but I don't miss others like "Chickens from Hell" or "Hey, Macaroni". Ah, yes, good ol' Rhode Island Soft Systems . I remember their "Hollyear vs Teethson" screen saver too. Different times. Cool! I'm too young for After Dark I …

Re: Mac IIvx - black screen Topic actions

Oh. Did you try re-seating the chips already ? Sometimes, the connection between sockets and chips got bad due to corrosion etc. The normal DIL/DIP sockets are usually easy to work with. PLC/PLCC/PGA and so on require lots of care or special tools. Pulling chips from these sockets with a screwdriver …

Re: Ressurrection attempt : 386DX 40

I think the same. I've written an overview in an older thread, also, which has a table: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=74603 Also, some values are interpreted differently by different BIOSes (heads start with head 0 instead of head 1). " CHS addressing with 28 bits (EIDE and ATA-2) …

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