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Re: Challenge: Install W95 with only a HDD

Goo luck! Windows 95 is quite finicky sometimes. 😥 In practice, it's either too old or too new I'd only use it for two cases nowadays - nostalgia and exreme low-end hardware (386, 4-8MiB RAM: Win95 RTM). Windows 98SE is not just an update, it's so much better: Vastly improved memory managment, can …

Re: 286 Compatible driver for ALS100+

in Marvin \ Sound
Yes, unisound is a fine piece of software. If you encounter similar compatibility issues (386 opcodes) with other drivers (or games), please have a look at EMU386, too. 😀 Re: New game: Loonies 8192 (386+, VGA, OPL-2) https://survpc.tripod.com/emu386/

Re: Show us your custom Physical mt32-pi Builds

in MT-32 General
Really nice builds in here, all around. But I especially like ratsflif's build, a 5.25" bay mounted MT32 is such an awesome idea!! Ditto. ditto_yay_small.gif I couldn't be wrong, but I think some semi-professional soundcards stored MIDI daughterboards (WaveBlaster, DB50XG etc) in the bay. The …

Re: Connecting Roland MT-32 to Modern PC?

in Marvin \ Sound
There is a Midi-to-USB cable you can buy that has been specifically made to be used with the Roland MT-32 on Windows 10: https://i.imgur.com/EBaZROi.png Looks good! 👍 That's utter nonsense and contradicts the MIDI specs. The better cables do have opto-couplers, at least on MIDI-IN. Just use a …

Re: Connecting Roland MT-32 to Modern PC?

in Marvin \ Sound
I think the same. Munt has evolved to a level at which it has almost no bugs anymore and pretty much behaves the same as the MT-32 (or CM32L). Which is no surprise, since it runs the same program with the same data as the real thing. However, there might be minor differences. The DACs, the physical …

Re: win98 MS Network Client in pure DOS mode

I second that. It's also possible to use Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and the TCP/IP-32 addon for such a purpose, by the way. WFWG 3.11 can also be used without the GUI, so that only its network portion is functional. I think this can be done by starting WIN.COM with a special parameter.. Here's some …

Re: RFI filters / MIDI ?

in Marvin \ Sound
How about this one? Seems ancient. It's a kind of a coil, I suppose. It's purpose is to catch the RF and the coat waves/mantle waves/sheet waves and ground them? coil_coatw.jpg Edit: Or, since this was installed in an alarm clock, maybe it could also have been used to capture the 50/60Hz rhythm for …

RFI filters / MIDI ?

in Marvin \ Sound
Hi everyone, Has anyone experience with RFI filters in MIDI equipment ? I just saw this one: midihw2.gif Source: http://www.hinton-instruments.co.uk/reference/midi/promidi/index.htm These DSS306 types are new to me. I know of filters, though. I wonder, do normale ferrite baids or MIDI-In cables …

Re: DOSBOX with windows 3.1 problems with some games

in DOSBox General
I don't know for sure.. However, here's the author's site. Maybe your files are corrupted, somehow, not sure. https://www.ib-burkart.de/games.htm If Windows 3.1x refuses to execute programs in Winfile, there might be something wrong with either DOSBox or your Windows 3.1x installation. Maybe the CPU …

Re: Windows 95 lag spikes using sd to ide adapter

in Windows
guess it wouldn't hurt to try, but i highly doubt there's any point in loading smartdrv under win95. that being said, it might be worth trying to manually limit vcache size as it's commonly recommended for windows 95. i'd also make sure that all of that memory is actually cached by the chipset. …

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