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Re: Socket 370 VIA C3 Retro DOS PC

Hey, It's a great little motherboard! It just lacks an AGP port, and any ability to lower the FSB. Without the ability to lower the FSB it won't work with a Voodoo 1, but otherwise it's pretty solid. The C3 processor is required for the speed steps. I did try to use a P3 and Throttle (or CpuSPD) …

Re: Socket 370 VIA C3 Retro DOS PC

built the new retro DOS PC with the following specs: Motherboard: MSI MS-6368 mATX Socket 370 Chipset: VIA PLE133T CPU: VIA C3-1.0AGHz CPU Ezra 1000MHz 1GHz 100x10 1.45V PSU: FSP300-60GHS 300W RAM: SDRAM 133 MHz 64 MB Video: Trident Blade 2D/3D IGP (Onboard) Video: Gainward CardExpert S3 ViRGE …

Getting to run few stubborn DOS games

Hi, I am trying to get a couple of DOS games (Body Blows, Jungle Strike, Desert Strike) running on my PC(in signature). These are few of the most stubborn games I encountered. Would always fail to run with a runtime error or divide by zero error. While I do agree this PC is too fast for these games, …

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